Terms and conditions

Terms Governing the Uploading, Processing and Use of Photographs.

(a) Google Terms of Service. Client agrees that the uploading, processing and use of the Photographs will be governed by Google's standard online terms of service for such Photographs as set forth at www.google.com/intl/en-GB/policies/terms (along with relevant Additional Terms as set forth at www.google.com/streetview/earn/) or such other URL/Additional Terms as Google may designate from time to time (collectively the “Google Terms of Service”)

(b) Authorisation to upload Photographs to Google for Google’s use. Client hereby authorises VISTA DIGITAL LTD to upload the Photographs to Google on Client’s behalf and licences the Photographs for Google’s use in accordance with the Google Terms of Service

(c) Please also note that VISTA DIGITAL LTD is not responsible & has no control over changes & how & where Google & other third party sites such as Facebook place the Photographs & Tours on their Websites.

Limited Licence to Service Provider : Client grants VISTA DIGITAL LTD a non exclusive licence to use a reasonable number of images created under this Agreement as “samples” or “portfolio copies” for VISTA DIGITAL LTD to archive examples of VISTA DIGITAL LTD work and to advertise or market VISTA DIGITAL LTD professional services. VISTA DIGITAL LTD are limited to Googles Publication Rules & are not responsible for how Google programmes present any given Images or Tours.

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